Dolores dice...Red-Faced Blues

Dear Dolores:

I have a big problem. I’m super-shy. My face turns red every time a stranger talks to me—even on the phone! This has become harder since my new job requires that I deal with the public. What can I do?

—Blushing in Boulder, CO

Dear Blushing:

I hear you. I used to be shy myself. You may find this hard to believe, but at one time I didn’t know what to say to people or felt that whatever I said wasn’t interesting. (Ha!) Thanks to a friend who made a living giving presentations in front of strangers, I was able to overcome my shyness. She gave me a copy of Ron Hoff’s book, I Can See You Naked, and shared a simple technique with me. See, shyness is nothing but a lack of self-confidence. If you visualize yourself in a superior position, you feel empowered. For example, imagine yourself as a lioness and your audience as innocent bunnies waiting to be devoured. Before you address them, give a silent roar and get going. Or, as the title of Hoff’s book implies, imagine that the person you’re talking to is naked…and you’re not. It’s a lot of fun. Try it.

—Grrrrr, D