Dolores dice...Sister to Sister

Dear Dolores:

I’m a proud first-generation Latina attending Colorado State University. I belong to the Lambda Theta Nu sorority, a fabulous Latina nonprofit organization. We do a lot for our community, striving for academic excellence and women in higher education. I’m tired of hearing about the bad reputation of college sororities and fraternities, such as we’re a bunch of rich kids indulging in drinking binges, toga parties and the like. How can we as Latino Greeks show our hard work, so that everyone knows we are here to help our raza?

—Jhandery Acevedo in CO

Dear Jhandery:

Thank you for the great work you and your sisters do. I know what you mean about the negative image that sororities and fraternities suffer from, but unfortunately most of the media will only report the negatives. Their motto seems to be “Good news is no news.” You can contact local media outlets to let them know when you have a special event, or write a guest column or letter to the editor discussing the image issue. But I wouldn’t worry about it too much. You should continue doing your good deeds regardless of who knows about it or whether you get credit. The recipients of your generosity and concern know. You know. And God knows.

—As the saying goes, “Haz bien y no mires a quien,” D