Where Is the Sisterly Love?

I love being a woman and celebrating sisterhood, but sometimes I want to shake some of my fellow hermanas. There is just way too much competition amongst women. We sharpen our claws when a cutie passes by and let us not forget how quickly some women turn on each other when success comes a knocking. Can we just put down the haterade?

Unfortunately, as much as I strive to unite womankind, I recently found myself in a typical woman-against-woman showdown. I was at a bar with some friends and one of them spotted a good looking fellow. She pointed at him and said, “That’s my future boyfriend.” I laughed, checked out the guy, nodded my head in approval. Minutes later, she sauntered over to him and was in full on flirt mode: tossing her hair, touching his bicep—you name it and she tried it. I observed her and made a mental note: Don’t you ever be that desperate, Sujeiry!

Soon, my friend rejoined the group with Future Boyfriend in tow. He looked at me intently and smiled. I smiled back but quickly averted my eyes. My friend called dibs and I wasn’t getting into a catfight. But he wouldn’t let up. A few drinks later and Future Boyfriend had made his way over to me. My friend was livid and gave me the evil eye the entire night, even though he was clearly pursuing me and not the other way around.

By nigh'ts end, Future Boyfriend asked for my number. I was flattered but declined his request to get together for drinks. Yes, he was cute. Yes, he could have been my future boyfriend. But I couldn’t do it to her, especially while she was standing there watching us talk. I’m just not that kind of hermana.