Forget the $5 Footlong, It's All About 100 Montaditos

On Thursday night, I got an exclusive preview of the 100 Montaditos restaurant about to open its doors on Bleeker Street in NYC. So in case you're unaware, what exactly is a montadito

According to 100 Montaditos, it's a "unique tapas-sized roll filled with the best ingredients, a very Spanish way of tasting different recipes." And yes, there really are 100+ variations like chorizo, cheddar & red pepper or pulled pork, crispy onion & chipotle aioli for you to try.

If you've ever been to a Subway, you know it's all about the $5 footlong; at 100 Montaditos, it's all about the Take 5 – as in, eat five of their tiny-delicious sandwiches. (And trust me, I probably ate 10.) Their dessert montaditos are highly, highly addictive - you've been warned (Dulce de leche & chocolate and heavy cream with Oreos were my fave, just in case you're wondering).

The Spanish chain has locations popping up all over the U.S. – mostly in Miami at the moment, but you can also check it out in D.C., New York (soon) & there's even a random location in Iowa.

Have you ever tried 100 Montaditos? What's your favorite one on the menu?