Two Badass Costumes You Can Throw Together Last Minute

Crap. It's (basically) Halloween. Has that thought gone through your head each and every day this week? Well, you're probably not alone.

Each year, I promise myself I'm going to start thinking about my Halloween costume in the summer, and without fail, it's seven days until Halloween (with lots of parties happening this weekend) and I'm without costume.

I recently went to meet with the Costume Concierge at Ricky's to get some inspiration. Zachary Garfinkel, Manager of Field Promotions, was able to not only help me with my costume, but also with yours. That is, if you're in a time crunch. His idea: She or Desdemona from Machete Kills! Super sexy and badass at the same time. And you'll probably be surprised how many items you already have in your closet.

Here's what you'll need for She:

  • Customized black bra, which you can make yourself by adding studs to any black bra
  • Black lace leggings or black jeans
  • Black leather jacket or black vest
  • Lots of gun holsters, available at Ricky's & most Halloween/party stores
  • Eye patch, available at Ricky's & most Halloween/party stores
  • Toy double barrel shotgun 


Here's what you'll need for Desdemona:

  • Black corset top
  • Booty shorts or black leggings
  • Black whip, available at Ricky's & most Halloween/party stores
  • Fake Halloween nipples - yep, the crazy ones you've seen and thought "Who would wear those?"; just buy & DIY them to look Sofia's using spray paint in black & silver. Or you can create your own using materials found around the house.