Stats That May Shock You About the Average Fall Wardrobe!

With the colors of leaves already changing, I'm spending (a good chunk of) my weekend transitioning my wardrobe from summer to fall. This always stresses me out for so many reasons: 1. There's a ton of clothes I just simply don't want to say goodbye to. 2. I always have trouble deciding what will actually transition well from summer to fall. 3. I clearly need to keep some summer staples around for quick trips to the Southern hemisphere or other warm-weather destinations in the winter months.

It seems I'm not alone - in fact, I recently learned at Marshalls fall preview that 54% of women continue to wear white after Labor Day:

A recent survey conducted on behalf of off-price retailers T.J.Maxx and Marshalls asked women when they actually say goodbye to their summer wardrobe and what trends and pieces they carry through fall.

Only 5% of women stop wearing their summer wardrobe after Labor Day. And 43% reported that they never phase it out, instead always finding ways to incorporate warm-weather pieces into fall looks.

For other women, the expiration date for summer clothing is determined by when the leaves change colors (10%), the temperature drops below 70 degrees (35%) and the first day of fall (7%).

So interesting! Also interesting - these amazing purses I found (and took a photo of) at a recent Marshalls event. They're all available in stores now as part of Marshalls fall collection. Making space for things in the closet just got a little bit easier.