Checkup or Checkout

Why do some of us do everything possible to not go to the doctor regularly? At the end of the day, you know who ends up paying for the delay in getting a checkup? YOU!

I can't reiterate enough how important it is to get your yearly checkup! Even though, at times in the past, I've skipped them myself! As soon as you feel the sniffles come on, don’t assume its allergies or try to cure yourself (like my mother). We all know we ARE NOT doctors. How about going to your primary physician or your local clinic and get the accurate information just to be sure?! As much as mi mami y mi abuela always have the home remedies to treat every sickness, and as important as those are to pass down, so are the costumbres of going to the doctor. (Although I have to say my mother is usually correct with her diagnosis! Love you mami!)

Now I have to admit I am one of those people who often has to reschedule my appointments because of different activities that may be going on in my life at the time. Busy, busy, busy. And of course, too many of us wait until the last minute, when we can’t breathe, to go to the doctor. (That is really when doctors should ban us because we should have been doing our routinely annual checkups.) Let’s start a trend and make annual checkups a fashion statement. No more excuses!

These checkups, after all, help prevent potentially serious problems that can be discovered at an early, treatable stage. This means fewer costs down the road. I agree sometimes life can be a little hectic and sometimes we take it for granted that we are 'feeling great,' so what’s the need of spending $25 on a co-pay for the doctor to tell me I’m fine--right? Well, no! We may feel perfectly fine, but we won’t absolutely know the whole truth about what's going on with our bodies and our health until we actually see our primary care physician.

Healthy living is the way to go, and going to the doctor for your yearly checkup begins that reinvented life we all dream of! Keeping healthy is the following equation: Eating Right + Maintaining an Active Lifestyle + Getting a YEARLY checkup = Mi Vida Reinventada!

How many of you have been slacking on going to your yearly check-ups? If you are consistent, what makes you so consistent? Please share!