Fat Burning Machine

You're probably asking yourself: Out of all the foods there are to choose from, which one is the most important to eat? I try to serve as someone from whom, through my experiences, you can learn how to become a lean, mean, fat burning machine. As I am going through my journey, one of the most important things that I have learned is the way we all should eat. (Although it’s not the way most of us do eat.) One lesson from my doctor stuck with me:  "You should eat your proteins first, continue with your fats, and if you have ANY room for carbohydrates, then eat them. But, if you’re full, don't force yourself to eat."

He must have repeated himself about five times: Proteins, fats then carbohydrates—the last thing you should fill yourself with are carbohydrates. This way you've eaten so much protein and fat that you have no more space for carbohydrates, which essentially help you become a FAT BURNING MACHINE since the first two food groups are the ones your body burns fastest.

Another rule to remember: No drinking while you eat. If you're thirsty, it's best to drink something an hour after you eat or a half hour before you eat. (Thanks, Nutritionist!) It's important to remind yourself of these things, even if you think they're redundant, because there are times that common sense isn't all that common. The secret to becoming a fat burning machine is by reinventing how you are eating.

Learning how to eat this way is a challenge! But, as always, I'M READY! Finding healthy eating habits may be hard, but it is the way to go. How well you eat will determine how much energy you have for the day; how much you can or cannot work out; and most importantly how well you digest your food! Eating healthy is the first step to our equation to healthy living: Eating Right + Maintaining an Active Lifestyle + Getting a YEARLY checkup = Mi Vida Reinventada!

Do you find yourself eating proteins first in your meal, or do you pick from different food groups? I know I do. Let me know what you think!

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