I Made It!

Off I go: Today is the day! May 10, 2010, old Nicole transforms into a Nicole that she has dreamed of her entire life. A Nicole who eats healthy, a Nicole who feels healthy and, most importantly, a Nicole who feels great about her self and her body. 

Yes, there were obvious obstacles and hurdles I had to overcome during the final stretch. Of course the body goes through its changes, and trust, I enrolled back to New York Sports Club and hooked up again with my fabulous trainer! Still, when it comes to food, the past two weeks were torture. I’m not going to lie, I had plenty of cravings for things: FOODS! Not potato chips, chocolate; I craved a good plate of penne ala vodka! Seriously, if getting it into my system intravenously was the only way I could have it  then here’s my arm!

But alas, I stuck to my diet and I lost eight pounds in the two weeks. Plus I have been feeling a lot better since I’ve been going to the gym, which all motivated me to stick to the plan and helped me make it to today, the day of my surgery.

I want take this time to send a special thank you to my gym buddies who motivated 100% of the time, including my trainer! These past couple of weeks prior to today were most crucial, but with the support of my family, friends and readers, I knew I’d be perfectly fine. Even when I had to spend a week on a liquid diet; no foods, just Optifast! I was only allowed five shakes a day, and if I felt hungry I could have just one more. (YIKES! No food?!? Who does that!?)

But, I did it! So, here goes to a new Nicole, a new life, and new beginnings….CHEERS!