I've Decided to Have Weight Loss Surgery

As most of my readers already know, I’ve been contemplating whether or not a Gastrectomy—or gastric bypass surgery—is the right choice for me. After much thought, I believe I'm ready to move forward with the procedure.

After years of improper dieting and jumping on and off the wagon, my metabolism is extremely slow. It seems to me that, regardless of what I do to lose weight, results are slow coming and barely noticeable. And now that I've made the decision to take this big step in my quest to shed pounds once and for all, I need support from all of you to guide me and give me reassurance.

Although I've decided to have surgery, please don't think I'm going to stop working out and eating right. I will continue to practice all of the good behaviors I've learned recently. It's just that my body is perfectly comfortable with my current weight, but I'm not. I want to push myself further and finally realize my dream. I would like one day to be so comfortable with my body that no one could stop me from doing or achieving anything.

I have my first orientation on what the Gastrectomy entails on Feb. 2. I will keep everyone updated on what it is that I am doing and how my appointments go. Please pray for me. I love you all for all your support this past year. My parents support me 100 percent, which feels great. They're right by my side saying, “I’m proud of you, I know you can do it!” Thanks, Mom and Dad. Let the new journey begin!