Save the Date

Drum roll please…

So, I spoke to my surgeon who will perform the Sleeve Gastrectomy. Boy, what a meeting! My doctor is AMAZING! He is a down to earth, truth tellin. And he definitely gave me a serious talk on the do’s and don’ts I have to follow before, during, and after surgery. Just so you get an overall understanding of the surgery, I will briefly explain things that he explained to me.

"I will perform the surgery as long as you take care of yourself," he said, straight up. The best question he asked was, "Have I met you before?" Of course, I, having done ALL the research in the world, told him, "I’ve met you but you’ve never met me. I know where you've worked, how many sleeve gastrectomies you've done, etc." If someone came up to you saying that it would be a little scary, no? Hey! Anyone who will be opening me up, cutting, and stitching, I will research absolutely EVERYTHING about them.

Of course, one of the most important things that I must do before my surgery is shrinking my liver. How do I do that, you ask. I will accomplish this by eating a HIGH protein and NO fat diet. In other words: Want a sandwich? Well, add no fat mayo, no fat cheese, and some turkey. For breakfast, boiled eggs and a yogurt, of course making sure that the yogurt has NO FAT! For those 3 weeks I will understand what it is to read food labels, and most importantly what it means to have NO FAT in your foods. I know this is going to be a little of a challenge but I’m ready for it, otherwise, my surgeon (as much as I WANT to say his name) will open me up and as quickly as he opened me, he will close me. Because in order for the doctor to cut out the excess stomach, he must travel under the liver and lift the liver,  otherwise the surgery cannot be performed. I found that to be AMAZING.

With the grace of God, I will be able to accomplish all that needs to be accomplished before my surgery because I want this more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life! All those years of hurt, all those years of pain, no one will ever be able to understand it unless they’ve gone through it themselves. So, FRIENDS AND FAMILY, I’m here to announce the date of my surgery: May 10th, 2010. Please keep me in your prayers. NO WORRIES! I will be blogging while I am out, and I will figure out the perfect way to keep in contact with my readers!