Sticks and Stones
By Nicole Toro | 11/17/2009 - 15:44

This is difficult for me to talk about. But some of you open up to me on occasion, so I’m going to pour my heart out. Last night, I wasn’t feeling well so I decided to go to the local Chinese restaurant and grab a simple soup—eating heavy at night is something I try to stay away from. While waiting in line, a woman trying to get by said, “excuse me.” I think I gave her enough room to pass, but she didn't agree. That’s when things spiraled out of control and I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep that night because of it.

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Thanks for the Inspiration
By Nicole Toro | 10/22/2009 - 11:24

Although I can’t see it, the scale tells me I lost one pound this week. I’m feeling good and very motivated. I can already smell the warm climate, beaches and pools waiting for me in Colombia. I know one pound doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s better than no pounds lost, right?

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The Colombian Challenge
By Nicole Toro | 10/16/2009 - 09:00

Welcome back to Losing It, and apt title considering how hectic things have been around here lately. The entire NYC Latina office just moved into a new space, and things are just starting to settle down. I’m now back to fighting the battle I’m always fighting—my weight. That battle is about to get more intense as I prepare for my trip to visit family in Colombia on Dec. 20. You know how family is, they ask about your weight before they ask how you’re doing. Well, that’s how my family operates, at least.

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I'm Getting Very Sleepy...
By Nicole Toro | 09/17/2009 - 15:15

I was shocked when a family friend recently told me she used hypnosis to control her eating habits. I would have never imagined anything like that. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, usually achieved with the help of a hypnotherapist using verbal repetition and mental images. The way it worked with my friend was, she'd visualize certain foods she loves to eat, and the hypnotherapist would swipe that out of her memory. In other words, it’s like that food never existed, and she would no longer crave it. Now it's much easier for her to maintain her strict diet. Cool, huh?

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Little Black Dress
By Nicole Toro | 09/03/2009 - 12:50

I was able to make my dream of donning a little black dress come true a little earlier than expected. I stumbled across this Slim Wear Shirred Waist Dress ($39.99), and I have to say it works like a miracle. The trick is its built-in girdle (and you know how much I love a faja), because it eliminates the need for control top pantyhose. The best part is that it comes in most sizes—from a 6 to a 24W.

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It Finally Fits, Part II
By Nicole Toro | 08/27/2009 - 11:00

What should I wear? We all face this issue, but when you’re losing weight, it’s even more complicated. Should I reward myself with some nice, new clothes? Should I hold off until I lose even more? What if I buy something nice and then gain some weight back? Isn’t this getting to be expensive? I think the way to go is to reward yourself, yes, but try to stick to purchasing items that are essential now and are likely to remain useful later, when you accomplish your goal. Having said that, I confess that I'm only human and I don't always follow my own advice.

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Gonna Make You Sweat
By Nicole Toro | 08/21/2009 - 12:35

God bless the person who created fajas. A faja, which is
basically a girdle, helps to hide the extra little pieces of jiggly fat on
your thighs, back and tummy. Sometimes they are a little uncomfortable and can
constrict your ability to breath, but I love them. After discovering Avon’s Curves Trimming Waist Support belt, I
knew I had to give it a try.

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Fighting the Good Fight
By Nicole Toro | 08/12/2009 - 17:45

I have a question. Have you ever been so upset at work or at home that you felt like punching your boss, coworker or romantic partner? Great news! Boxing burns the same amount of calories as running on a treadmill, but you can relieve some of your aggression in the process. Plus, I think it's a lot more fun.

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To Have Weight Loss Surgery or Not?
By Nicole Toro | 08/03/2009 - 17:00

It's fair to say that portion control was never something I actually considered. Instead, I doubled and tripled just about everything I ate. Because of this, I expanded my stomach. It's interesting to think that surgery can essentially force you to stop practicing those bad habits. I know a few people who have had Lap-Band surgery (short for "laparoscopic adjustable gastric band"), and it's made an incredible difference in their appearances. Their weight has gone down, and for the ones who continued to exercise, their skin has also improved.

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Reaching the Dreaded Plateau
By Nicole Toro | 07/23/2009 - 18:00

So, I’ve been blogging for a few months now and, thankfully, I’ve lost 47 pounds. I’m doing my best to make sure I only lose it physically, not mentally. So far, so good.

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