Dimelo: Star-Spangled 'Chonis & Other Heroes

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

Who's your #LatinoHero? I've asked the question of Dimelo readers and am thrilled to see responses sharing your stories about those who have inspired you.

The past few weeks have been an eye-opening time for this Hispanic Heritage Month Virgin. I want to take the time to mention a few more of my own Latino Heroes before sharing yours.

My Abuela

Her name was Maria Del Socorro. I was only six when she died, so my memories are vague and wistful. Because of Guela (as we called her) I will always associate the smell of homemade cinnamon tea with love. As an adult immigrant, she never learned to speak English and as my parents and I lived under my grandfather's roof for the first three years of my life, I was fluent in all things Spanish (including the words I wasn't supposed to say!)

My Tia Elvia and Madrina Elma

I always knew I would go to college one day and have a job of my own, thanks in part to my father's twin older sisters. Both graduated from high school with full-time jobs secured through an internship program. I learned loyalty and the value of hard work from these women. One recently retired from the only job she ever had and the other is still at it.