Dimelo: 5 Lessons You Tend to Re-Learn In Life

Let's start with the obvious, okay?

You, yes...you, are perfectly awesome and fantastically original just the way you are now. Got that?

So why the pep talk, you might ask? Because, te digo, the world is full of pretty ignorant people set on bringing you down to their level and all to often, we forget that we are the ones in charge of how we feel about ourselves. So what if that a**hole at the gym called you fat? Or if the moms on the PTA suddenly stop inviting you out for coffee? Who cares if the girls on the field trip were being mean to you and made you cry?

Okay, so maybe that last example is not exactly an example but a recap of today's teary admission from my 6-year-old daughter after I arrived last in the corn maze caravan organized by her Girl Scout troop. Eliana had requested to ride along with a few of the other girls in the troop leader's minivan and I'm all for branching out since our family is still pretty new to the area, so I waved her off and then buckled up for the solo hour-plus ride to the farm. Considering the fact that an hour is plenty of time for girls to be well, girls, I wasn't surprised to hear that they had passed the time by pressing buttons the entire way. 

I'll spare you the play-by-play but I'll share with you the highlights of the conversation Eliana and I had while "taking a little time out" in the backseat of my truck. It breaks down to the fact that Mama told her hijita preciosa to grow a pair and deal with it because not everyone is going to like you and that, under no circumstances, means that you stop liking yourself because of it. I used much nicer words of course that included rainbows and unicorn allegories so she'll like me in the morning, but the gist is the same, my friends.

Other Gems of Wisdom from Mama today?

1. You will always find you miss your old friends the most when you're smack in the middle of a group of strangers.

It's natural. You have two choices. The first is to get all misty and melancholy and maybe start singing "I wanna be where the people are.." a la Ariel in the Little Mermaid. The second is to take a deep breath, suck it up, and be in the moment. Maybe you make a new connection. Maybe you don't. Making new friends takes time no matter how old you are.