Dimelo: My 6-Year-Old Daughter Has a Blog

I'm finally home from this year's amazing BlogHer conference in Chicago. I'm exhausted because attending the annual gathering of women bloggers is like trying to fit 50 years of wedded bliss into a four-day weekend: Amazing connections forged or strengthened. New friends. New information. New perspectives. And I am honored to have co-hosted the first ever MultiCulti Extravaganza, celebrating diversity in blogging. That much awesome in such a short time is enough to make me a bit crazy en la cabeza.

Now, I'm trying to figure out when my 6-year-old will stop talking long enough to dictate her BlogHer wrap-up post to me for her own blog.

Yes, I wrote "6-year-old" and "her own blog" in the same sentence. Do you think I'm crazy for letting her have her own blog? Hopefully not any crazier than I was for bringing her to the conference with me. We both had an amazing experience, and Guela came along to help out and pinch hit for me when obligations meant bed time wasn't happening unless someone else attended to it.