El Dia De Las Madres

Every year on Mother's Day I gush to anyone who will listen about mi abuelito and how he always gave me a card or a small gift to celebrate.  It warms my heart now, as a mother, to think he respects, reveres and holds so high the role of mami. To him it is something near sacred. With the holiday drawing near, I'm on the hunt for the perfect way to honor this very special day for a few important women in my life.

To me it's about celebrating the hard work and sacrifice mothers make for their families which many times includes putting themselves on the back burner.  For Christmas and birthdays, I don't mind giving practical gifts - kitchen gadgets, gift cards, etc.  However, for a day like Mother's Day I like to give (and get) gifts that make you feel all warm and fuzzy and make you think, "Aw, I luuuuuuuuuv it." 

So in case you're looking for gifts for the mami, abuela, tia, madrina, hermana or just a friend in your life, here's a little list of things I think any woman would love to celebrate her family.  Hint hint if any husband in the RI area is out there, this is a good place to start brainstorming!  After you've checked out the selections below, be sure to tell us about the best Mother's Day gift you ever got. 

You can never go wrong with jewelry.  Sites like hotmamadesigns.com, julianandco.com, and heartandstonejewelry.com have a great selection of jewelry that can be personalized with your loved ones' names.  Everything from necklaces to bracelets to rings in a wide range of prices perfect for any budget.

Don't think you have to spend a ton to make her feel special.  Giving her something thoughtful like the gift of time to herself is gift enough.  A subscription to her favorite magazine or just the latest issue with a trip to the nail salon I'm sure would make many, many ladies very happy.

Etsy is a great place to find one of a kind gifts.  Their Mother's Day Guide is filled with great ideas from personalized family trees (below) to custom items for the home. 

Make her a little famous and share her story).  Share a story about how she made you proud of your roots, how she first taught you to salsa, how she helped you get ready for your quince.  It's free and the joy you'll bring will be priceless.  And we love to brag so get to it!

Finally, a few ideas for crafts kids can enjoy.  While the big gifts make us happy, it's the sweet ones made by hand that make us melt.  Breakfast in bed, a day as queen where we don't lift a finger, a day out with just the girls - a few more free and priceless gifts you can give her.  The clock's ticking, what will you give this Mother's Day?