No Baby in Sight

Having children has never been a question for me; I've known it in my bones forever.  I even made a pact with myself: If I wasn't married by 30, I'd have a baby with my best guy friend and do the very cool, chic single mother thing (so naive, what part of single motherhood did I think was going to be easy? Even partnered motherhood is hard!). Then, one day, I met my now-husband and, as luck would have it, we both wanted little babies.  Good thing, too, because as soon as you get hitched every relative under the sun starts asking when the babies are coming.

Despite how awkward that kind of question is, it's always easier to answer when your response aligns itself with what's socially acceptable. I have a few friends who have no interest in having their own children. They've told me Tia Fulana is never thrilled to learn they won't be adding to the family. I've never understood why people who don't want children get such a bad rap. Personally, I appreciate the honesty and would imagine the world is better off than when folks have children without giving it any thought. 

Latin culture is traditionally all about big families; babies after marriage are expected. The modern day Latina probably has a hard time going with the flow of this very old fashioned way of thinking. I can only imagine the hell I would have gotten from my parents if I ever told them I didn't intend to have children. Parenting is hard business and it involves the most important work in the world—raising the next generation.  I applaud anyone who is able to honestly say they do not want to take on that task.

Do you fall into the category of non-breeder?  Do you have to tolerate a lot of criticism?  If you are a non-breeder, thank you for caring enough to make such an important decision!