Potty Time!

Drum roll, please...

We now officially have a potty-trained toddler!

Dessa basically figured out how to use the potty all on her own and spent several months using the toilet at home. Then the holidays rolled around and we decided it was too much of a bother to complete the task of potty training so we continued letting her use diapers when we went out. But three weeks ago, I saw a little girl Dessa's age using the potty while we were out and about and it hit me then that we were being lazy. I immediately pulled the trigger and said bye-bye to diapers that very same day.

We are lucky because Dessa is perfectly fine with the whole transition. I'm freaking out more about the germs in the public bathroom than Dessa is about using the potty!

Here are some tips I have that helped the whole potty training ordeal go super smoothly for us:

  1. When your kid is able to tell you that they are going to the bathroom in their diaper then you should consider starting to potty train.
  2. Wait until they are ready; don't rush them. Rushing them can backfire!
  3. Be patient. There will inevitably be setbacks and lots of dirty clothes. Deal with it.
  4. Get a toilet that's a toilet and not a toy. Your toilet doesn't play any music, why should theirs?
  5. There's nothing wrong with rewarding them for using the potty. M&Ms and ice cream were Dessa's favorite.
  6. When you're finally ready venture out of the house without a diaper, always remember to check for the location of the public bathroom when you first arrive to your new location.
  7. Until you are positive that your toddler has it down, stop at the bathroom before you leave home, when you first arrive somewhere new and before you leave to your next destination.
  8. Always carry extra pants, undies and socks.

While we feel über confident at this point, we still have to conquer number two on the potty. But we are seriously excited to be buying diapers for only one baby.

Do you have any good potty training tips? Share them in the comments below.