Modern Latina Bride: A Surprise Engagement!

You can’t have a wedding without an engagement. The story of your engagement is one that expresses who you are as a couple and begins the story of your lives together. My own engagement is no exception.

I should start by saying that I knew my ring was coming.... because I saw it. No, I didn’t go sneaking around and just happen upon it... at first. A few weeks before the big day Lee and I had picked out my ring together, had it sized and shined up to perfection. From the diamond to the band, we picked it out together. I know it isn’t the traditional way we’ve seen in the telenovelas where the striking galan comes by with a gorgeous ring to sweep his queen of her feet, but it was perfect for us. It was an important step for us to do together as we hop, skip and jump towards wedded bliss.

However, I want to point out that even though that was a special moment for us waiting around for the ring wasn’t. I had picked out exactly what I wanted. I had worn my ring, stared at it, watched it sparkle... and then I had to give it back to Lee so he could pop the question when he felt it was “right.” Of course I tried to look at the perks. I could ensure that I looked drop dead gorgeous for the photos (you know toda la familia will see them), get my hair done, have some blush to brighten up my alabaster face and make sure my phone was charged so I wouldn’t have a problem calling everyone when the big news came.

Every day that passed I would ask Lee if I should dress up a bit or swipe on some lipstick. Every few days I would stumble upon the ring box, open it and stare at my solitaire in amazement. Since I can’t keep a secret from Lee, I would immediately call him and confess. He would giggle and tell me he would have to find a new hiding place, which I would always find... eventually.

October 14, 2012 started like any other day. I woke up and made pancakes, whole wheat dulce de leche was the flavor of the day, and put some snacks together for our bike ride. I asked Lee if I needed to beautify a bit, to which he coyly smiled and said no, we were just going to enjoy a bike ride together. We set off and passed the Capitol Dome, whizzed by the National Mall, crossed over the Lincoln Memorial and took a walk by the water. Hand in hand we looked out over D.C., he brought me in close and kissed me. Before I knew it Lee was down on one knee, I saw my ring, I said yes and I tackled him to the ground. 

My engagement was lovely, magical and a total surprise. And I have to say, the pictures were perfect because they weren’t done up at all - just us on one of the best days of our lives. 

We immediately called our parents with excitement and screamed about our engagement. My family was together waiting with champagne on ice. Lee had called in advance to ask for my hand. Luckily my dad, mom, sister and abuelita said yes! They were just waiting by the phone for the call. They all cheered and toasted to us as we sat together, giddy with teary eyes only for each other.

I always told Lee that I wanted a small, intimate wedding. I wanted a ring that fit me and my personality, and that was made just for me. Inscribed with a special message from my incredible galan, it is exactly what I hoped it would be. Loving, intimate, special and all about us. 

A few moments later we were talking wedding planners, dates and dresses. (You know Latinos don’t waste a minute when it comes to planning a big party, especially a wedding!) I thought that a wedding planner would be a great idea because they can take care of all of the details. Plus, they can work it out with mami when she wants to make changes to my wedding plans. Just for that a planner would be worth every penny!

Next up we’ll talk about the pros and cons of wedding planners, where to look and what to ask to get the best deal. In the meantime, sound off below and share your engagement stories with us!