Raq-C’s World: Choosing The Right Shoes For The Right Occasion!

Night out with your girls

When you are with your girls make sure you wear shoes that match your personality and make you feel sexy. Of course the shoe you pick must also suit the night. If it’s a restaurant, some sexy heels will do, and if it’s a club I'd say pull out some sexy stilettos!

Date night with your boo 

It all depends where you are going - if you go miniature golfing clearly you don’t want to wear your stilettos! But if you are going out, say, salsa dancing, make sure you wear your sexy heels with a strap around the ankle for support. Again, it’s whatever makes you feel comfortable. (Rule of thumb: Stay away from the tennis shoes for a date night.)


I’ve always felt that church calls for a bit more of a conservative look. Yes you can rock your high heels but make sure they're appropriate, and not peep toe. I honestly think, the more conservative, the better.