RaqC's World: Don’t be Afraid to be SEXY!

Hola, It’s me your girl Raq-C!

I love connecting with you all through my Latina.com blog every week.

Today I’m back to give you advice & tips on everything you need to know on how to be a FABULOUS modern day Latina.

In my weekly blog I will be touching on a little bit of everything from relationships, hot topics, fashion, health, spirituality, career and anything in between.

Being comfortable is the key to feeling ultimately SEXY. Don’t be afraid to step into the sexy woman that you are. Sexy may be interpreted in many different ways but the ultimate sexy talk I am referring to is comfort. There is nothing like walking in a pair of high heels like you own them or rocking a pair of white fitted jeans with the ultimate confidence.

It’s important to know your own style. We all have our own flavor, those particular things we love that make us unique. I like to say let me “Raqcify” the situation; meaning let me add my flavor, my uniqueness. Find your sexy flavor too!

Here are some of the things I put on my “must have” list in order to feel my sexiest:

SEXY TOES & HANDS: I love to have a fresh looking set of nails on my toes & hands. Lately I’m loving the China Glaze polish “Turned up Turquoise, I’ve always loved rocking bright bold colors!

SHAPED-UP EYEBROWS: Having nicely shaped eyebrows is very simple and affordable. It’s important to keep your eyebrows in shape since they’re very visible & frame your face. Having nice eyebrows make me feel sexy!

WEAR YOUR FAVORITE PERFUME: I like to choose my perfume based on my mood. Some days I’m feeling spicier than others while certain days I feel more sexy & seductive so I will pick my perfumes according to how I’m feeling. I love smelling delicious.

KEEP SMILING: A smile is the best accessory you can arm yourself with. It’s better than your best pair of diamond earrings. Don’t ever leave your house without your smile.

I hope my tips and advice have you thinking about how you can feel sexy and comfortable and remember if you have any comments or questions for me drop a comment below & make sure you follow me on social media… Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Until we meet again, salud!