RaqC's World: What I Learned from Jenni Rivera about Being a Businesswoman

I must first say it was such an honor to have worked with a lovely, strong, independent, outspoken, not afraid to be herself type of woman like Jenni Rivera. I love Jenni’s story because so many like myself can relate to it.

We both grew up in humble beginnings and were never handed anything. All her success truly came from hard work, focus, dedication & passion. She definitely exuberated these important qualities.

I am so happy to share with my fabulous Latina.com readers the four main things I learned from Jenni about being an excellent businesswoman:

BE GRATEFUL- Gratitude is one of the most amazing qualities you can possess. I know Jenni was very grateful to her audience and she appreciated when others expressed their gratitude for the opportunities she gave them. I was able to let her know how grateful I was for the privilege it was to work so closely with her and her beautiful family. When you carry a true “ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE” you start seeing the real blessing pour into your life. This is why Jenni continued to be blessed throughout her career.   

PRITORITIZE YOUR OBLIGATIONS- Something I always admired about Jenni is her incredible work ethic…when she worked, she worked. She never settled for a mediocre job at anything she did; she always put the main ingredient into her work which is LOVE followed by PASSION! She knew what was important and focused on her obligations rather than the distractions that can often creep into your life when you are a celebrity.

HAVE A TIGHT SUPPORT SYSTEM- The entertainment business can be tricky to navigate through and sometimes it can be a cut-throat type of business. It’s important to keep your professional circle tight and Jenni did a good job at it. She always prioritized what was most important to her, which were her loved ones. Keeping a tight circle is key to keeping your sanity and peace in what is a tumultuous business.

ALWAYS REMEMBER WHERE YOU CAME FROM- This quality is very easy to lose in the business world. Fame, like Gloria Estefan said, is a “confusing monster” and if your feet are not well planted on the ground you will lose your balance. Jenni NEVER forgot where she came from and you could see it when she was with her fans in person and through her interaction on social media. She has reaffirmed for me what so many admire about me, that I am grounded, and she is my reminder to stay grounded in all I do and to never get lost in the clouds. Jenni exemplifies what it is to be a super star who is approachable.

Jenni was indeed an example to many people, women, single mothers, young woman and businesswomen as well; truly an icon in the Latino community. Her presence is truly missed everyday. But may I remind you the beauty of life is this: the lessons we teach each other never die and I hope you too can walk another day with a little bit more wisdom in your pocket thanks to La Gran Señora, Jenni Rivera.

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