Modern Mami: The Baby Name Game

I thought naming Baby Bean was going to be the fun part. I’ve had the perfect baby names up my sleeve even before I knew I wanted babies. When it was time to put them on the table, I came up empty.

The pressure of a name!

I wonder if my mom had this problem. I think not since my older sister Melissa was named after Melissa Horton from Days of Our Lives. My mom let my Spanish-speaking-only Grandmother name her after an American soap opera character. And my name was given to me by my dad — originally Maria Christina until my mom thought it was probably one of my dad’s ex-girlfriends so she compromised with Kristina Marie. I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s how my mom remembers it.   

I wonder if she gave any thought to the fact that I would one day be tormented with a nickname like Kristinka... because that’s what I think about. I think about whether the name I’m going to give him will be setting him up to be teased. “If I name him ‘this’ they might tease him with ‘that’.” “This name rhythms with this body part — he’s doomed!”

And if it’s not the crappy nickname that’ll get him, it’s name association. I’ll throw out a name and Gibby will say, “I knew someone with that name. He’s in jail now.” Gibby will throw out a name to me and I’ll say “I knew a guy with that name. He smelled weird.”

I don’t want Baby Bean's name to be too obscure, but I also don’t want him to be Mike #3 in his classroom. A couple of names that I love are already taken by close family members so Julian, Quinn, and Charlie are out. 

I read somewhere that we should write all the names down and post them around the house to see which we loved seeing up. I just got bored with seeing the names. I’ve gone through books, websites, and even find myself reading movie credits to see if anything pops out at me.

But time is ticking! He’ll be here soon and while Baby Bean is a cute name for the little man growing inside my belly, I certainly can’t name him that! Besides, I already have concerns “Baby Bean” is going to stick as a nickname and he’s going to hate me!

My new plan is to wait until he gets here and hope that he comes out with a sticker that says "MY NAME IS: (insert perfect name here)."

How did you know you picked the right name? Did you ever regret it afterward?  What are some of your favorite boy names?

Side note: Telling you I was called Kristinka was just to prove a point and it is in no way to be used against me… EVER!