Modern Mami: Daddy Dearest!

The husband recently told me that he wanted to buy a motorcycle.  A motorcycle?  What?  Are you crazy or something?  We’re having our first child.  A motorcycle hardly seems appropriate and besides, when has he ever wanted a motorcycle?  I worried.  Was this some sort of midlife crisis? 

Nope.  It was much simpler than that.  It was a calculated ploy.  Ask for something major so that when he asked for what he ‘really’ wanted, it wouldn’t seem so bad.

He wanted a stroller.  Wow!  I was so proud of my husband.  His priorities had shifted.  He wasn’t asking for a sports car or even a golfing getaway to Las Vegas with his brothers.  He simply wanted to pick out the stroller. 

Little did I know this was no ordinary stroller.