Pull her Finger: Julieta Venegas’s New Video is a Gas

Julieta Venegas puts a new spin on that fluttery feeling we experience when we start to fall for someone in the video for “Bien o Mal,” her first single from the upcoming album Otra Cosa (out March 16).

You’ve heard the old saying, “butterflies in the stomach,” right? What about farting butterflies? Well, that’s what happens in the clip, which features a group of ethereal beauties eating flowers and happily flatulating in the countryside. Directed by Argentino Agustin Alberdi, who also worked on Babasonicos’s “Pijamas,” the video poses an interesting question: “Strange girls. Can they marry, have children, be happy?”

It seems that the women in this video are doing just fine, thank you very much. They have the Mexican singer as their fearless leader, and when they need to be entertained, a male jester comes along and performs. Check it out and let me know what you think: