Aventura Premieres "Dile al Amor"
By Grace Bastidas | 11/19/2009 - 10:04

As the top-selling Latin Music group of the year, Aventura is hotter than ever: Their album, The Last, was certified double-platinum and held the no. 1 spot on the charts for a record 15 weeks; they performed for the president and first lady during last month’s Fiesta Latina at the White House; and their upcoming shows have already sold out on both coasts. Is there anything these Dominican bachateros can’t do?

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Free Music Alert
By Grace Bastidas | 11/18/2009 - 12:20

If you think nothing in life is free, think again. Indie imprint Nacional Records is giving away a bunch of mp3s for your listening pleasure. Since 2004, the label has gathered an amazing roster of legendary musicians, such as Colombian rockeros Aterciopelados, Argentine legends Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and global phenom Manu Chao, as well as up-and-comers like DJ Latin Bitman, Mexican Institute of Sound and Spanish electro act The Pinker Tones.

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Enrique Iglesias’s Steamy "Sad Eyes" Video Resurfaces
By Grace Bastidas | 11/17/2009 - 11:18

It’s Tuesday and the weekend feels oh so far, which means you need a little jolt (and I’m not talking about a shot of caffeine). Enrique Iglesias’s almost pornographic video for his Bruce Springstein cover of “Sad Eyes” has been making the rounds all over the internet. The French describe it as “érotiquement torride” and I agree.

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"Louboutins," More than a Shoe for Jennifer Lopez
By Grace Bastidas | 11/16/2009 - 10:03

Jennifer Lopez is strapping on her most expensive heels for “Louboutins,” the latest single from her upcoming album Love?, due out on Jan. 25, 2010. Written by The-Dream and produced Tricky Stewart, the song was originally created for Brandy before she left Epic Records. But now it belongs to J.Lo, who described the track’s concept for DJ Skee last night during his “New Music Show” on L.A.’s 102.7 KIIS FM:

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Q&A: Latin Bitman Shows His True "Colour"
By Grace Bastidas | 11/13/2009 - 09:51

Based in Santiago, Chile, Latin Bitman is a DJ under the influence: He’s been influenced by hip-hop, reggae, dub, funk, electro, jazz and countless other musical styles, which he mixes with Latin rhythms that make his moniker well-deserved. I had an intercontinental chat with the spinner about his new album, Colour (out on Nacional Records) and the many voices that permeate it:

A while back you changed your name from Bitman to Latin Bitman—why “Latin”?

It goes with what I do, which is make Latin music more universal.

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Si*Sé Album Coming Soon
By Grace Bastidas | 11/12/2009 - 11:21

Where in the world is Si*Sé? I recently went to see Argentine crooner Federico Aubele perform at SOB’s and was surprised that his wife and favorite backup singer, Natalia Clavier, wasn’t by his side. Instead, Carol C, vocalist of the New York band Si*Sé, joined the lanky romantic on stage. The audience, myself included, was pleasantly surprised. We still love Natalia, don’t get me wrong, but it’s always great to hear Carol C—especially since Si*Se hasn’t released anything new since their sophomore album, More Shine, back in 2005.

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Fania Records, Alive and Present in the Digital Age
By Grace Bastidas | 11/11/2009 - 09:58

Hector Lavoe, Celia Cruz and Tito Puente are back. Well, sort of. Legendary Salsa label Fania Records has dusted off its immense catalog (it contains over 1,300 records!) and digitized the whole lot for your enjoyment. Founded by Dominican bandleader Johnny Pacheco in 1964, the label was the home base of salsa’s heavy hitters through the 1970’s. Since that time, it mostly remained a thing of the past, thought of nostalgically by listeners like my dad, whose vinyl collection rarely emerged from the basement.

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Yes, Nelly Furtado Wants More. Is That So Wrong?
By Grace Bastidas | 11/10/2009 - 10:05

Nelly Furtado has had it. The Portuguese-Canadian singer’s video for the song “Mas” from her Manos Al Aire album casts her as a woman with a cheating boyfriend who’s about to get caught. “This song in particular is probably one of the best pop songs on the album,” she explained in some behind-the-scenes footage. “It’s about love and about wanting more out of a relationship and feeling like you’re not in this relationship as an equal half.”

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Get a Whiff of Chayanne
By Grace Bastidas | 11/09/2009 - 12:37

Ever wondered what Chayanne smells like? If so, the Puertorriqueño has joined personalities like Jennifer Lopez, Mariah
and Christina Aguilera and created his own fragrance. It’s called Brizza
and it encompasses the 41-year-old’s self-described personality: “manly,
elegant, bold, wild, Latin and seductive.” Though the cologne won’t be
available till Christmas, fans don’t have to wait till then to get reacquainted
with the beefcake Boricua.

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Vallenato Star Carlos Vives Inspires Guitarist Jesse Cook
By Grace Bastidas | 11/06/2009 - 12:27

Guitarist Jesse Cook has the spirit of a gypsy. Born in Paris and raised in Toronto, he has traveled the globe in search of musical traditions that mesh with his rumba flamenco. The destination isn’t always clear but somehow he still finds his way—the 45-year-old has seven studio albums, after all.

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