California Mom Gives Birth To 15-Pound Baby

California Mom Gives Birth To 15-Pound Baby

A California mom got  more than she bargained for when she gave birth to one of the nation’s biggest babies last week. 

Andrew Jacob Cervantez weighed in at 15 pounds, 2 ounces when he was born by emergency cesarean section on Jan. 16 at Desert Valley Hospital in California. His incredible weight makes him a candidate for the state’s largest baby, USA Today reports. In fact, Cervantez is one of the largest babies in recent memory. 

The infant also measured 2 feet long at birth...or a whopping 40% of his 5-foot 1-inch mother’s height!

“I couldn’t believe it,” his mother, Vannesa Cervantez, told the Victorville Daily Press. “They had to double check because I didn’t believe them; I thought the machine was broken.” 

Apparently, big children run in the family. The 28-year-old mamá has already given birth to a 10 pound, 10 ounce son and a 9 pound, 14 ounce daughter. 

While baby Andrew is the certainly a large baby, he's not the biggest on record. The all-time world champion is still a 23-pound, 12-ounce Canadian born in 1879. 

Wow! We can't believe it! Wishing all the best to the parents and the newborn!