Mariah Carey's Sexy Valentine's Day Consisted of a Candy-Hearts Bra, Glitter Confetti & Tons of Crazy Pics

Mariah Carey Instagrams Valentine's Day in Candy Heart Bra

Mariah, she's (still) on fire. Just before Christmas, we saw the "You're Mine (Eternal)" singer posting pics of herself walking her dog in a red the Aspen... on Instagram, so it's only fitting she'd step up her game for Valentine's Day.

After lighting the Empire State Building pink for amor's biggest night, Mariah (or her assistant) presumably returned home, filled her bathtub with red and pink balloons and glitter confetti and changed into a sexy bra made entirely out of candy hearts. The photos that ensue as she not-so-patiently waits for her husband, Nick Cannon, are pure genius:

"Waiting for my Valentine... (photo: @racinefpierre )" [sic]

"Still waiting...[emoticon]" [sic]

"Champagne, bubbles + candy and no Valentine yet...[emoticons]" [sic]

"My funny Valentine has arrived! #YoureMineEternal I love you @NickCannon ❤❤❤"

So, what's inside that black box Nick is holding? A heart-shaped diamond "You're Mine" necklace, of course! Nick posted a pic of his V-Day gift to Mariah, and the photos stop there (though we can guess what happened next...).

But in all seriousness, these two are so cute together and we're so glad they were willing to share their Valentine's Day with us, especially the new hashtag Nick created that we'll be needing to use: #PutTheKidsToBed.