8 Reasons Thalia Is Worthy of an Instagram Follow

One of the problems with following celebrities on social media is that they can disappoint you by proving to be too boring or too self promotional. But not Thalia. She knows exactly what she’s doing on Instagram. Here are eight reasons you’ll actually want to follow her: 

1. She’s Cheerful and Positive

She’s Cheerful and Positive
Sometimes you need a pick me up, and it’s likely that Thalia will have posted something positive on any given day. Whether it’s pictures with uplifting quotes or how she captions her images, Thalia is determined to life live through positivity. One of her simplest messages is to just take on the day.

2. She Uses It For Good

She Uses It For Good
Thalia has been running an anti-bullying campaign on Instagram. She kicked it off by posing with a piece of paper that said “bullying is not a game.” Now, she’s gotten dozens of celebrities to participate, too. People like Ricky Martin, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, and even Stephen Baldwin have all snapped a picture for the cause. She posts each of the pictures on her account and tries to draw as much attention as possible to this cause.

3. She’s Just As Into Pop Culture As You Are

She’s Just As Into Pop Culture As You Are
Do you love Emojis? So does Thalia. She shared a fan-made collage of herself as a few of the emoticons, proving she has a sense of humor. She also seems to have a thing for Charlie Brown and The Wizard of Oz. You’ll get a random mishmash of things, and it’s truly delightful

4. She Takes You on Her Adventures

She Takes You on Her Adventures
From the Met Gala to explaining that she had seen Frozen 60 times, Thalia gives followers a glimpse of her life. It’s not just one part of her life either. She talked about visiting her grandmother in one post, and quite often, she posts pictures of her meals. (Spoiler alert: She seems to love eggs.) One of her best series of pictures was when she visited Paris in mid-May. She wasn’t shy about being a tourist and her excitement really came through in her pictures.

5. She’s Not About #TBT, But She’s Pro Hashtag

She’s Not About #TBT, But She’s Pro Hashtag
Throwback Thursday is so yesterday. Thalia chooses to focus on Sexy Thursdays, where incidentally, she does share some older pictures. These are worth waiting a week for because no two are alike. And she’s also all about hug therapy. These pictures are usually very sweet, with Thalia praising the benefits of hugging.

6. She’s a Fan of Photoshop

She’s a Fan of Photoshop
Stars on social media have been accused of using or sharing Photoshopped images that make themselves look thinner. Thalia shares pictures that are obviously Photoshopped, but they are lighthearted. Her face is often placed on the bodies of other women, such as an angel-like figure holding a dog or a vintage pinup painting. It’s not meant to fool the follower. She also likes to add cheesy graphics to her images, which means she’s not worried about just having a beautiful gallery of images.

7. She’s Mostly Bilingual

She’s Mostly Bilingual
Not all Thalia fans are fluent in Spanish, and she knows this. Most of her posts are written in both English and Spanish, and a lot of her inspirational messages are in English.

8. Surprise!

Thalia gets to go to a lot of cool events, and she comes across some of your other favorite celebrities. You can guarantee that she’ll feature Lili “La Flaca” Estefan, as the two are friends, but she’ll surprise you with some of the other celebrities who make an appearance on her Instagram page. She took a selfie with Rihanna at the Met Gala, and she spent some time with Zooey Deschanel at a Tommy Hilfiger event.