12 Kids Who Don't Look Like Their Parents

While some parents wind up with a mini me doppleganger child, others end up with kids who decide to take their looks from a different side of the gene pool. From Jessica Alba to Gerard Pique, these parents have children who don't look much like them at all:

1. Jessica Alba, Honor & Haven

Jessica Alba, Honor & Haven

Neither Honor Marie nor Haven Garner got their looks from their momma. While Honor looks a lot like daddy Cash Warren, Haven stands as an individual, looking like neither mom or dad.

2. Roselyn Sanchez & Sebella Rose

Roselyn Sanchez & Sebella Rose

The Devious Maids star's daughter is a beauty, and while mommy is gorgeous too, she didn't get her looks from her mami.

3. Gerard Pique & Milan

Gerard Pique & Milan

Yes, Pique is a hottie and Milansito is a cutie, but he looks just like mami Shakira!

4. Gisele Bundchen & Benjamin

Gisele Bundchen & Benjamin

Unlike baby sister Vivian, Benjamin doesn't really look much like his mamå.

5. Nicole Richie & Sparrow

Nicole Richie & Sparrow

Richie's daughter Harlow might be her doppleganger, but her baby boy Sparrow decided to skew more towards daddy Joel Madden's side of the family.

6. Sofia Vergara & Manolo

Sofia Vergara & Manolo

Upon first glance, one wouldn't automatically assume that the Modern Family actress' only child is her son.

7. Evelyn Lozada & Shaniece

Evelyn Lozada & Shaniece

Lozada's 21-year-old is absolutely gorgeous, but she didn't come out looking much like her mother.

8. Vanessa Bryant, Natalia & Gianna

Vanessa Bryant, Natalia & Gianna

Aside from a similar feature or two, cuties Natalia and Gianna look more like a mix of mommy and daddy's good looks, rather than being Bryant's little twin chicas.

9. Mario Lopez & Gia

Mario Lopez & Gia

Gia is such an adorable little girl, but she didn't come out looking like her handsome Saved by the Bell alum papa.

10. Neymar Jr. & David Lucca

Neymar Jr. & David Lucca

Little David was born when Neymar was just 19-years-old, but the blonde haired cutie didn't snag many of his looks from his soccer playing daddy.