Military Brats: 6 Celebs With Military Parents

Men and women across the country have dedicated their lives to the U.S. Military. Whether as a member of the Marines, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force or the Coast Guard, these men and women show exceptional dedication to their country, day in and day out. Often, these brave individuals choose to raise their families on military bases throughout the country -- and the world. 

From Michelle Rodriguez to Christina Aguilera, these six Latino stars were raised in military families: 

1. Christina Aguilera

Growing up, Christina Aguilera lived in Texas, New Jersey, and Japan. Her father, Fausto Xavier Aguilera, was an officer in the Army, and the family was forced to move between states and countries for his job. "I was born in Staten Island, New York, but I call my hometown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania because that's basically where I ended up from age eight on," she said. "My father was in the Army, so I guess I'm an Army brat." 

2. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba's father joined the Air Force when he discovered that his wife was pregnant with the future star. "My mother was 18, and he wanted to get an education, and he wanted to support his family," she said. "So the military allowed him to do that." While she was growing up, the family moved between Mississippi and Texas, but eventually ended up in California.

3. Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez is a proud Military Brat. Her father, Rafael Rodriguez, was in the Army. "My upbringing was beautiful," she said. "My father did join the military, and my mother was a Jehovah's Witness, along with her siblings, but let's not let the mind drive one to think that my mother and father were defined by these aspects of their lives. That would be far from the truth. I was way too young to even acknowledge what the military was — let alone to see anything different in my father other than the green army suit he wore coming home."

4. Natalie Morales

Natalie Morales, co-anchor for NBC's TODAY, credit her fathers, Air Force Colonel Mario Morales Jr., as her inspiration for pursuing journalism. "Having lived in Panama, Brazil and Spain as an AF (Air Force) brat, I knew I needed a job that would let me see the world and make a difference," she said. "That led me right to journalism."

5. Mayte Garcia

Mayte Garcia's father, Ret. Major John Garcia, was in the Army. "I think it helped me being open to change," she said. "I could move anywhere and live there. We learned to adapt."

6. Elizabeth Vargas

A self-described "Army Brat", journalist Elizabeth Vargas' father, Rafael Vargas, was a colonel in the US Army. She spent her childhood moving from post to post in Germany and Belgium.