#5 Chef
There are a lot of reasons for Latin food fans to love this film: taco truck, East LA kitchen slang, an abundance of abuela references and appearances. There are also a lot of non-food-related reasons to love this film: John Leguizamo and Sophia Vergara, for starters. But the fight to follow your passion is at the story’s heart. In Chef, the man fighting is John Favreau and the passion is cooking. After losing his esteemed restaurant job, Favreau embarks on a cross-country journey that helps him rediscover his culinary creativity and reconnect with his family. Though laughter and shenanigans are a part of every Favreau joint, Chef is also a tribute to the redemptive powers of food and the many ways in which it connects us to our culture. 

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Amanda Cargill, Food Content Director, Latina Media Ventures, LLC

Amanda Cargill is the Food Content Director at Latina Media Ventures, where she oversees food- and spirits-related features in Latina Magazine and on and She is an avid writer, traveler, reader, runner and eater.