A Day in the Life of Latina’s Entertainment Editor Jesús Triviño Alarcón

What's it really like to work at Latina? Check out a day in the life of Entertainment Editor Jesús Triviño Alarcón, as he shows you a glimpse into his typical (busy!) day:

1. TV Junkie

TV Junkie: As Latina’s Entertainment Editor I need to be aware of everything and anything within the fields of TV, film, music and books. I’m a pop culture geek so my job duties fit in nicely with my everyday life. I watch way too much TV—FX’s Louie and AMC’s Mad Men are two of my favorites, I'm looking forward to season 2 of Orange is the New Black this summer and, yes, MTV’s The Challenge is my guilty pleasure. Starting on May 12, it’s Upfront Week in NYC (upfronts are events where networks present their upcoming shows to potential advertisers and press). I attend all of them and take notes on any upcoming shows that might make sense for us to cover.  

2. Beats, Rhymes & Life

Beats, Rhymes & Life: Music, music, and more music. I began my career as a music journalist and am still stay atop all the music trends and up-and-coming artists. While I’m at my desk, I’ll listen to the latest albums by Romeo Santos, Iggy Azalea, Demi Lovato, etc. Every week, I also curate a couple of playlists for our Beats Music page. Go take a listen. 

3. On Film

On Film: On some mornings I’ll take in a movie. Seriously - it’s for work! Recently I saw the Cesar Chavez biopic a couple of months ahead of its release, for the feature we did on it in our April issue. See? Work! 

4. Yes, Dear

Yes, Dear: When I was writing about how many times 50 Cent was shot or interviewing Nas and Jay-Z, I never thought I would ever work at a women’s magazine. Yet, here I am and I’m loving it. Though, at times, it feels like I have one lovely wife at home and 10 at work. The questions never end but I’m sure they love their chubby hubby. 

5. Meets & Greets

Meet & Greets: Whenever celebrities are in NYC, their publicists email me to see if I’m available to meet with them. At these "meet and greets," stars come by our office and I interview them about their upcoming projects so we're always bringing you the latest news. Plus: It’s always good to put a face to a name. Last week, Under the Dome’s Natalie Martinez stopped by (see pic on the left). 

6. Write Now...Please!

Write Now . . . Please!: Sometimes writing an article or a blog post comes easily. Other times it’s . . . uggghhhh! The words just aren’t there. In such cases, I usually start reading other sites and magazines and then one word or one sentence sparks something in my brain and I hit the keyboard. 

7. Words I Manifest

Words I Manifest: I’m responsible for assigning and editing all the entertainment features in the magazine, which includes the cover story. At times I also write the cover story to keep my pen sharp like a Ginsu. Did you get a chance to read my May cover story on the ladies from Lifetime’s Devious Maids

8. Good Feeling

Good Feeling: When I put the finishing touches on an article or slideshow it feels great. Especially when it’s a team effort with my tech brother from another madre, Dario Lopez (see Shakira GIFs). And I can’t wait to share it with the cyber streets. 

9. Kill'em with Kindness

Kill’em with Kindness: In addition to conceptualizing the entertainment content in the magazine, I also book the celebrities for the cover. Which means I’m in constant contact with publicists. Once we decide on a cover, I reach out to the publicist and get the ball rolling. The process usually takes a little more than a month—from initial ask to completed photo shoot and interview. Of course, there are stressful moments (i.e.: when a celeb needs to change the date or switch their stylist). But I’m pretty chill and don’t let it get to me. 

10. Cover Stars

Cover Stars: So yeah, all the Latina covers are booked by your friendly neighborhood Latino journalist named Jesus. It ain't a bad gig.

11. Fiesta, Fiesta

Fiesta, Fiesta: Whenever there’s an entertainment-themed Latina event, you better believe I’m there. I’m responsible for inviting and ensuring that our celebrities attend our great events. The process takes months but the end result is worth it. Last year’s Hollywood Hot List party was an incredible success with Naya Rivera, Becky G, Ana Ortiz, Judy Reyes, Gina Rodriguez, Jasmine V and more all hanging out and hitting up the dance floor. Will this year's bash top it? Stay tuned!