Demi Lovato Will Not Sing About Drinking, Partying or Sex

Demi Lovato may sing about heartbreak and family drama, but don’t expect her to belt lyrics about sex, partying or drinking. While those are all activities 20-somethings in college experience (sorry, mami), the “Heart Attack” singer is steering clear from the raunchy stuff.

“I feel like, if you have talent, you don't have to go down that route. If you don't have to sing about drinking and partying and sex, then don't,” she says to Billboard, “I have a little sister that's listening to this music -- the last thing I want to do is release music that is gonna influence her in a way that will take her down the wrong path. My dad and my family hear this music! I don't want to feel too uncomfortable when they're listening to it.”

Just when we thought we could live vicariously through her for hooking up with Wilmer Valderrama! Just kidding. Not really. However, we are glad that Demi has standards and won’t be getting all Britney Spears or Madonna on us.

Her new self-titled album is in stores and available on iTunes now. Are you a fan?