Take A Peek Inside Frida Kahlo's Closet

Following Frida Kahlo's death in 1954, her husband, Diego Rivera, placed her personal belongings into the bathroom of their Mexico City home: The Blue House, now the Museo Frida Kahlo. He instructed that they remain sealed in the room until fifteen years after his own death.

Unopened until 2004, the room revealed a treasure trove of personal artifacts belonging to the infamous, iconic MexicanaIshiuchi Miyako photographed the items, and the photos will be available to view at London's Michael Hoppen Gallery beginning on May 13, 2015. See a sneak peek below: 

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All images by Ishiuchi Miyako, courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery. 

1. frida slide 01

Frida, ever colorful, apparently owned a pair of bright yellow, cat eye sunnies. 


2. frida slide 02

In 1953, Frida Kahlo's leg had to be amputated at the knee due to gangrene. She wore a prosthetic leg until her death a year later in 1954. 


3. frida slide 03

"Many friends noted that the more incapacitated Kahlo became the more elaborate her costumes [became]. Throughout her life she decorated her casts and corsets, elevating them from medical necessities to visual armour," says Michael Hoppen Gallery. 

4. frida slide 04

Frida's pink boots draw attention to a health problem with which she grappled her whole life. A bout of childhood polio left her with a slight deformity in her right leg — as evidenced by the height discrepancy in these two boots. 


5. frida slide 05

Frida's luxe black gloves. 


6. frida slide 07

Frida owned a seafoam green swimsuit that matched the waters of Mexico.

7. frida slide 08

This Tehuana-style dress epitomizes the fashion of the Mexican icon.