Guillermo Del Toro Gives a Rousing Speech Supporting #TimesUp At the Critics' Choice Awards

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The Golden Globes kicked off awards season in style and focused on the #TimesUp initiative, which supports victims of sexual harassment and misconduct. Although there wasn’t a call to wear all-black-everything, the way stars did at the Globes, the 2018 Critics’ Choice Awards (where the best of the best in TV and film are celebrated), the moment also was used to denounce Hollywood's dirty little secret. (Well, isn’t very secret anymore, is it?)

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Kumali Nanijani accepted the award for Best Comedy for his wife’s (Emily V. Gordon) film, the Big Sick. He said: “I think, as men, we’ve been talking for centuries. It’s time for us to shut up, listen and amplify.”

Gal Gadot received the #SeeHer Award for her accurate portrayals of women in film, including last year’s smash Wonder Woman. The Israeli used the actress and stage to call for more films with leading ladies and movies directed by women. She said her dream role was simple: “to play a strong independent woman—a real one.” Last year, Gadot famously refused to work on the Wonder Woman Sequel if Brett Ratner was attached to the project. 

One of the highlights of the evening was when host Olivia Munn (who accused Ratner of sexual misconduct) and Niecy Nash toasted to Hollywood’s good guys who held meetings in hotel conference rooms instead of hotel rooms and casting directors who didn’t make derogatory comments about body parts during auditions. And then there was shade to the men who attended the Golden Globes and did not publicly speak up to support the #TimesUp movement.

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Another bright spot was when the Guillermo del Toro accepted The Shape of Water’s Best Picture trophy and thanked his leading ladies (actors Octavia Spencer and Sally Hawkins, writer Vanessa Taylor and Fox Searchlight Pictures president Nancy Utley) for their contributions to the project. Then he ended his speech with a rousing: "For everyone that has been [un]equal in working with a woman, let me show you who stands here with us and made this movie possible. Sally, Octavia, Vanessa, Nancy. And let me tell you one thing: If you don't do that, you don't know what you're missing!"

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