18 Books to Explore Your Inner Bruja

From candle burning and astrology to saint appreciation, more Latinas are visibly exploring bruja culture. 

With spirituality on the rise, we’ve rounded up books for you to explore, learn from and discover the magic within.

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In Moon Magic, third-generation intuitive Diane Ahlquist explains to readers how lunar phases influence our emotions and well-being differently, and how to harness that power for healing, emotional strength, and physical and mental wellness. With every page, you'll learn about the energies of new moons, supermoons, blue moons and more. 

 Moon Magic by Diane Ahlquist, $16, simonandschuster.com


Get to know the Paganism primary law with this read. The author breaks down the law of Threefold Return, which states: "Whatever you do, for good or for ill, returns to you threefold."

The New Pagans, $10, hoodwitch.com


Feeling stressed? Uninspired? Confused? Meditation Guide and Speaker Devi Brown created Karma Bliss as a way to help herself and others understand crystals for meditation and energy healing. This book has a one-stop-shop approach as each page eases you into everything you need to know about selecting your crystals and using them. 

Crystal Bliss: Attract Love. Feed Your Spirit. Manifest Your Dreams, by Devi Brown, $19, barnesandnoble.com


Santería is a religion based on worshipping saints. It began in West Africa and quickly expanded to Cuba, Brazil, Puerto Rico and various other places. Explore the practice with this read. 

Santería: The Religion: a Legacy of Faith, Rites, and Magic Book by Migene González-Wippler, $16, amazon.com


Suffering from anxiety? Going through a breakup? Searching for inner peace? Try a different approach to self-love. Crystals contain healing powers that can keep your worries at bay. 

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall & Ann Marie Gallagher, $17, barnesandnoble.com


Ever had a moment where you felt the universe was sending you an angelic message through someone? We are all protected by a guardian angel, and this book contains information on “divine messengers” that exist in your everyday life. 

Lessons from the Twelve Archangels: Divine Intervention in Daily Life by Belinda J. Womack, $10, amazon.com


From witchcraft to astrology, Lewis Spence examines the ins and outs of Mexican spirituality.

The Magic and Mysteries of Mexico: The Arcane Secrets and Occult Lore of the Ancient Mexicans and Maya by Lewis Spence, $17, amazon.com


With a growing curiosity around Santería, people are finding themselves fascinated with learning more about their personal orisha. Orishas are divine spirits that protect you on earth, and this read can teach you more about them. Please note: Though you may connect with a certain one, only a spiritualist can determine your true orisha.

The Secrets of Afro-Cuban Divination — How to Cast the Diloggún, the Oracle of the Orishas By Ócha'ni Lele, $25, innertraditions.com


Ever lose a prized possession and your abulea advises you to pray to Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lost things? In this selection, Edwin David Aponte takes an understanding approach to the way Latinos live a spiritual life via prayers and rituals from saints. 

!Santo!: Varieties of Latino/a Spirituality by Edwin David Aponte,  $7.50, amazon.com


Through the powers of oils, you can explore your inner wizardry. This text contains seamless step-by-step instructions on more than a thousand spells, recipes and rituals for amor, wealth, luck, and protection. 

Helping Yourself With Magikal (Magical) Oils A-Z by Maria Solomon, $10, amazon.com


Burning a candle for its scent is one thing, and burning it for protection is another. For example, igniting a white candle symbolizes purity, unity, harmony and protection. Here, Charmaine Dey explains the style, science and magic of candle-burning rituals. 

The Magic Candle: Facts and Fundamentals of Ritual Candle-Burning by Charmaine Dey, $10, amazon.com



Using incenses have long been associated with one's spiritual practice. For instance, burning sage to purify a space is one way of using incense. The smell of incense can also bring about heightened sensual awareness and consciousness. Clear the negative energy in your home with a guide from this book. 

The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews by Scott Cunningham, $10, amazon.com


With this libro, learn how to prepare baths and herbs for spiritual growth, happiness, psychic defense and much more. 
Complete Book of Baths by Robert Laremy, $10, amazon.com


The craft of fortune telling with tarot cards has been practiced for centuries. This copy will enable you to become a practitioner and possibly a reader. 

Reading Your Future in the Cards by Eden, $7, amazon.com


Realign them chakras and clear the negative vibes! There are seven chakras in our body to explore, the same as the number of planets according to spiritualists. This book will guide you in gaining a deeper knowledge of crystals and chakras. 

Wheels of Life: A User's Guide to the Chakra System by Anodea Judith, $12, amazon.com


If you thought your zodiac sign was simple, think again! Learn about your moon signs, sun signs and much more – including an astrological guide to finding a lover choosing the right career, and maximizing lifestyle based on your zodiac sign. 

The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk, $15, amazon.com


Do you feel like you can send messages through your thoughts? Have you ever felt like you are reading someone else's mind? Bueno, you may have a lot more than "women's intuition" going on. With this text, learn how to unleash your psychic abilites. 

Psychic Development for Beginners: A Practical Guide to Developing Your Intuition & Psychic Gifts by Emily Stroia, $8, amazon.com


Energies speak louder than words. “'Auras: Understand and Feel Them' will help you achieve holistic relaxation, purify your energy field, overcome obstacles and more," said a reader. Join the holistic approach to living your life with this read.  

AURAS: Understand and Feel Them- How to Get Rid of Negative Energy and Create an Amazing Life, $13, amazon.com