6 Novels Too Sexy To Read In Public

Valentine's Day has come and gone, but you may still be craving a little amor in your life. Satiate your longings with too-good-to-be-true book boyfriends, sex scenes too hot to read in public, and romances that'll keep you on the egde of your seat. Here are six suggestions (all written by Latinos!) — enjoy: 

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1. Latina Erotica Novels

Ecuadorian-born author Zoraida Córdova can't hold back the one-liners, snark and sizzling chemistry in this steamy love story about Lucky, the daughter of a celebrity chef who's tasked with opening her own restaurant, and James, the bad boy chef hired to helm the new eatery. Fortunately, these two just can't keep the heat in the kitchen.

Luck on the Line by Zoraida Córdova, $14.99, amazon.com

2. Latina Erotica Novels

When Veronica Cruz signs up for personal training at her local gym, she doesn't expect to meet an unbelievably sexy younger man named Noah Quintanilla. She can't believe her luck when he falls totally in love with her. Literally, she can't believe it. So they attempt to subdue their passions and promise to be platonic friends. Spoiler: the friends thing doesn't work out.

Noah by Elizabeth Reyes, $2.99 on Kindle, amazon.com

3. Latina Erotica Novels

By now, the entire planet has read 50 Shades of Grey, the steamy trilogy that launched the career of Chilean-British author E.L James. Here's the blurb for those unfamiliar with the story: Christian Grey, aka the ultimate alpha male, seduces the naive, innocent Anastasia Steele, and teaches her the ins-and-outs (literally) of BDSM. Now, we all know 50 Shades of Grey won't be winning the Pulitzer anytime soon, but it's a fun read that'll have you smiling, swooning and sweating the whole way through. 

50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James, $9.59, amazon.com

4. Latina Erotica Novels

This author writes plenty of steamy romances under two names — Caridad Piñeiro and Charity Pineiro — but we have a special spot in our hearts for The Perfect Mix. When Bianca Martinez decides to open her own restaurant, she turns to a delicious contractor named Ray Ramos to build the property.They work side-by-side, falling a little harder for each other everyday, but Ray has a secret that could completely derail their romance.

The Perfect Mix by Charity Pineiro, $2.99 on Kindle, amazon.com

5. Latina Erotica Novels

Puta is a dazzling, engrossing look at the sex life of Carmen Noa, from ages 16 through 41. Equal parts sexy and introspective, Puta is more than a novel about sex — it's a novel about modern women and all the ways sex plays into their lives.

Puta: An erotic coming of age novel by Alisa Valdes, $4.99 on Kindle, amazon.com

6. Latina Erotica Novels

Celia and Fernando have been married forever, and when they're only daughter leaves the nest and starts her own life, they find themselves left with a crumbling marriage. In an effort to save their love, they take a Caribbean cruise, and meet the elusive Julia. With her help, they try to find a way to reignite the passion.

The Last NIght I Spent With You by Mayra Montero [translated by Edith Grossman], $3.75, amazon.com