42 Things Our Facebook Readers Love About J.Lo!

In honor of J.Lo's 42nd birthday yesterday, we asked our Facebook readers to come up with 42 things they love about the superstar singer. Here what they had to say!

Alex Martinez: “Where to start...” 

Michelle Brito-Amador: “She loves her family.” 

April Ann Simmons: “She’s a mom!” 

Bella Lebron: “Her music video with Pitbull has MILLIONS of views on YouTube!” 

Ayoo’ Chickenn: “She's a fighter!” 

Jennifer Molina: “Her confidence” 

Adriana Maria Perez: “That she played Selena. I love that movie.” 

Vanessa Maria Burkhart: “I love that she takes risks, especially when it comes to fashion.  Many women aren't brave enough to do that and spurn those who are. It inspires me, as a woman and a Latina, to do the same.” – 

Noreen Malik: “Her music.” 

Vanessa Rodriguez: “She is a strong, ambitious woman!”  

Edgar Sanchez: "She's the embodiment of a bombshell, In control of her life, determined to chase her dreams and is unapologetic for her femininity.”  

Melinda Berendsen: “She is an amazing role model and is an inspiration to live life to the fullest everyday!!” 

Dulce Arroyo“I envy her legs. Ha.” 

Christma Garrido: “She is one of many things that makes me proud to be Latina.” 

Rosa Blanca Garcia: “Oh and for those who say her butt... I say the way she feels comfortable in her curves which inspires all of us to love ourselves.”  

Raquel Oviedo: “She is an inspiration to all Latinos, and sets a goal and goes for it. Has 2 beautiful kids.” 

Maria Cordova:  “That she is an awesome businesswoman!!!” 

Sandra Rivas Rodriguez: “Her flawless, awesome looking makeup!” 

Ilyana’s Friends In Fitness: “She represents us Latinas!” – 

Nadia Morales Morel: "She can kill it on the dance floor!!” 

Sherri Pospisil: “Her passion for people!” 

Veronica Tapia Guzman: “She's a Leo!” 

Andrea M. Fernandez: “Better yet, ask Marc Anthony this question!!!” 

Yesenia Jaramillo: “A Classic Beauty! ... inside & out.”   

Brenda Gamboa-Galvez: "I Love Everything About J.Lo.” 

Alejandra Torres-Lacy: “Her courage to never give up!” – 

Deb Lewis: “If I had all of her money I would look as great as her.” – 

Yadira Salazar: “That she's an awesome mom, daughter & human being.” – 

Vickey West: “Happy Birthday J.Lo!! You are an inspiration to many Latinas, keep up the great work. I admire you.  Btw I also have twins - boy and girl - (although they are grown now, they'll always be my babies!) so God Bless you and your family!!!” –

Jennifer Melendez Santiago: “She’s Puerto-Rican!” – 

Michelle R. Agnone: “I wish I could look nearly as good as her when I'm her age...” –

Michelle Fernandez Domingo: “She def is beautiful not just on the outside but proved also on the inside :)) she can alter her looks and still look beautiful & exotic xoxo.” – 

Amanda Hodges: “Happy Birthday J.Lo hope u keep ur head up and move forward u can do so much. You’re a great talent you can do anything!!” 

Anya Williams: “I love how she is a go getter and even with all the negative things haters say about her she doesn't lose face... I love how she has her own mind and listens to what it tells her and not others.....I JUST LOVE HER PERIOD....BEAUTIFUL, SAVVY, AND STRONG!!” 

Minnie Barbosa: “I give you 2, that she's from the Bronx and made it!!” – 

Carmela Gomez Ochoa: “Her love for her family and friends and her pride in her culture.”

Yolanda Ramos: “Wow, girlfriend looks great.  Gotta give it to her.  Keep up the good work J.Lo, you deserve life’s riches.” – 

Siera Feelssogood Starshines Hehner: “NO way!!! She doesn't look it! Way to go JLO! She's cute, seems nice, love her music & style, she's driven & does what she needs to do to be where she wants to be!” –

Liza Lazzeza: “Great singer and dancer ...” 

Nancy Costa: “Great singer, good actor, wonderful mother, great with fans.”

Lisa-Perez Mejia: “She's a strong beautiful Latina woman and makes a great role model for other young Latinas!!!” 

Latina Magazine: That she does everything before anyone else

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