Aaron Diaz on his Marriage to Kate del Castillo: "It's Complicated"

Kate del Castillo and Aaron Diaz have been booked for almost every single day of the year, and it's because of their hectic schedules that rumors have surfaced that there may be some problems with their marriage. But Diaz himself says that despitedistance , they very much want to be together more as a couple.

"We travel a lot. Such is the life of actors. We're both tied up respectively in promotional projects right now. It's complicated, but we also take long periods of time together doing absolutely nothing but being there for each other," Diaz admits.

Kate has spent much of 2010 filming La Reina del Sur in Spain, while Aaron remained in Mexico for his role in Teresa, recording his album and launching a new pictorial calendar. "Our lives involve many trips and many accumulated miles," he said.

When we asked about baby plans, it seemed Diaz was excited by the idea of fatherhood—but he's willing to wait. "Babies come when they come," he said. "Especially now that we've got so much work. It's not something we want to do at the moment."

Speaking of work, Diaz also said he'd love to work with his wife. "Whether it's a telenovela, or whatever, as long as the project is adequate, yes, of course I would [like to work with Kate]."

"I am very impatient and have a lot of dreams. I try not to do too much at once, although sometimes it can't be helped. But for me, it's not work. I give 100 percent to what I'm doing at the time. I try to live in the moment, and that helps me out a lot," Aaron said.

So what does he make of all the press reports of the iminent demise of his marriage to del Castillo? "We all have to respect each other, and if I don't get respect, I don't give it in return," he says. "We're all human beings, and they catch us in bad moments. There are those who live off the scandal and they find them in me because they know I'm impulsive."