Aaron Hernandez Case: More Troubling Details Surface

Earlier this week, Bristol Country (Mass.) District Attorney Samuel Sutter addressed reporters on the courthouse lawn after Ernest Wallace, the third suspect in the case, was arraigned. “All we've done is charge Aaron Hernandez with murder,” Sutter said. “As far as the specifics about who was the shooter and who might have been a joint venturer, it's too early to say.”

The documents with these latest details were filed in court by the Miramar, Fla., police department to justify a search of Wallace's mother's home in that city, People reports.

According to prosecutors, Hernandez, Wallace and Ortiz drove with Lloyd in a rented Nissan Altima to the industrial park where Lloyd was killed. In Ortiz's account to the police, he said that during their drive, Hernandez told Lloyd that Lloyd had been "chilling" with people the athlete had problems with. But both Hernandez and Lloyd shook hands, according to Ortiz. Later, the car stopped, and, according to Ortiz's story, everyone but Ortiz got out to urinate.

That's when Ortiz said he heard gunshots. Hernandez and Wallace alledgely got back into the car without Lloyd and the car sped away.