Charlie Sheen Spent How Much to Cover Up 'Hardcore' Sex Tapes with a Transexual?

Charlie Sheen Spend How Much to Cover Up 'Hardcore' Sex Tapes Featuring Transexuals?
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Charlie Sheen has a sex life that many men are surely envious of. 

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The actor who recently exposed he is HIV positive reportedly paid $10 million to keep five sex tapes from being leaked of him in very compromising positions. Radar Online revealed one of the tapes shows Sheen having a three-some with his ex-wife Brooke Meuller while another shows him performing oral sex on another man. Besides the tape showing him having sex with a transsexual there is also one of him having sex with another Hollywood celebrity. 

"Charlie did not want his HIV secret being revealed to the world, but the reality is — in too many cases to keep count — he was caught on video as well! These are hardcore sex tapes. He was paying to ensure they never saw the light of day — in addition to ensuring the individuals did not disclose his medical condition," a source said. 

These revelations might cause trouble for Sheen because they could prove he lied about never engaging in unprotected sex after getting his HIV diagnosis. 

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We hope Sheen coming forward will stop others from blackmailing him.