Christina Milian Talks Social Media & Her New Album

The Cuban American recording artist talks about The Voice, her upcoming album, being hooked on Instagram and motherhood.

You recently celebrated your birthday (Sept. 26). Happy belated birthday! What did you do? 

“Thank you! I didn’t really do anything. I worked on my birthday but a couple of days later I hosted a party at a club but otherwise I was in the studio on my birthday. “

If music competition shows were around when you were starting out in the music industry, would you have gone that route?

“If I didn’t know anything about the industry, like I do now, sure it would be an option. I would try it for sure. Especially growing up in Maryland it would have been one of the first options I would have thought of. The ins and outs of the music industry are really hard to understand and how to get in this and experience it yourself and meet the right people. If you don’t know anybody, I’d definitely say it’s a great option.” 

How’s your “Young Money” album coming along?

“I’m just in the studio working on it right now. I’m trying to really make something that’s out the box and that doesn’t sound like everyone else’s record. A lot of it has been a lot of writing sessions. When I feel it and I know it, it will definitely hit. But I don’t feel like I got that single yet. I’m still working on it. I would hope to put out a single before the end of this year. “ 

You’re The Voice’s social media correspondent. Which platform are you presently hooked on?

“Instagram is probably at the top of social media. Instagram tends to have the fastest response because people respond quickly to photos rather than to 140 characters. You get to say so much more in a photo. I’ve always been a picture person. In a day I get from anywhere between 3,000 and 5,000 new followers on Instagram. It’s definitely growing and it works better for me for promotion.”

What’s the negative side of social media? 

“The negative side is that people can bombard into your business. I don’t really read those things. When I first started in social media I would read comments out of boredom. You think these things won’t get to me but eventually they do get to you and you have to learn how to block those things out. Now, I sometimes read my comments on Instagram because I like to respond to my fans. But every now and then there’s an idiot that likes to creep into the cracks and say something stupid. I don’t like to waste my energy on people like that." 

Are there any traditions from your mom that you try to instill in your daughter, Violet?

“My daughter’s still little so I don’t remember what I did with my mom at that age. But my mom was a lot of fun. She used to do cheerleading. When I was 2, she was 20 so she was still young. My mom was a young mom so I used to have a lot of fun with her when I was a kid. I think that’s what I do with my daughter is have fun and let her be herself. She has a lot of character. She likes to entertain me. “

What’s the one thing your daughter does that amazes you?

“She’s talking like crazy. She speaks English and Spanish. Now she’s putting her sentences together but everything is like a wow factor. She always sings and is doing something really funny.”

You’ve recently filled in as a co-host for E! News. Is hosting something you see yourself doing more of down the line?

“It’s something I can see myself doing when it all comes down, like when I’m the old lady of the music industry…I’ll be a hot host.” 

You’ll be the next Cristina Saralegui only in English! 


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