Daily Chisme: Jenni Rivera Files for Divorce

The week is almost over -- grab your cafe and get your chisme below!

- Another couple has called it quits. Jenni Rivera and Esteban Loaiza have filed for divorce, according to Wonderwall. In a statement released by Jenni's reps, they state that the divorce is due to "irreconcilable differences on behalf of both parties derived from private circumstances that occurred during the lapse of their two-year marriage."

Sad! Did you see this coming? 

- Could Mariah Carey have been told to be extra-nasty by American Idol producers for TV ratings? Fellow judge Nicki Minaj seems to think so! According to Perez HIlton, Nicki believes producers encouraged Mariah to be extra mean to her on set in hopes that it would make more viewers watch. Nicki says if she finds out that's the case, she'll "cut it off at the head" and walk off set next time Mariah "acts up." Uh oh! 

- Jennifer Lopez proves she's still got it in the newly released trailer for Parker, the new Jason Statham flick. Watch below!