Dayanara Torres Speaks Out for the First Time About Child Support Case Against Ex-Husband Marc Anthony

Dayanara Torres Marc Anthony Child Support

Dayanara Torres and Marc Anthony's relationship appeared picture perfect for quite a while, but their split was anything but amicable.

The pair, who wed in 2000 and ended their marriage in 2003 (filing for divorce in January 2004), had two beautiful boys in 2001 and 2003. Roughly 10 years following their separation, Torres and Anthony found themselves in an ugly child support battle that left many outsiders criticizing the former Miss Universe, calling her greedy and bitter.

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The case was settled in 2014, and was a win for Torres and her children. A judge ruled that Anthony was responsible for paying $14,340 per month, upwards from $6,500. He also was ordered to increase his contribution for vacation expenses to $12,000 a year, and agreed to continue paying for the boys’ educational and medical costs, and any costs of extracurricular activities.

Now, in an interview with People en Español, the Puerto Rican beauty queen is speaking out for the first time about the highly-publicized case.

“It’s not a process where you just go to court and the judge says’ Here you go! It’s yours,” Torres told People en Español. “There were days when I had to face my children; When I would [return home from court], they would ask me every time, ‘Did we win mom? Please tell us we won.’ And finally we were given what we wanted, more than double of what we originally asked. I am happy because my children do not deserve any less than that.”

The blue-eyed brunette said following the divorce and before settling the child support case, she was forced to live in a tiny apartment, where her boys shared the same room. She explained to People en Español that her living situation was confusing to her children, who were used to a more expensive lifestyle when going to visit their father. “If they are going to have a Disneyland there, then this [living situation] has to be at least be normal,” Torres said, defending her request for increased pay.

Like their child support case, Torres and Anthony's divorce also became a bit of a media frenzy after Anthony set off to marry Jennifer Lopez that same year — quite the scandal.

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In 2008, Torres opened up to People about how hard the split came down on her. “You go through hell,” she said. “I cried until there were no tears left — until I was numb. I didn’t want to eat; I didn’t care to get dressed or take a shower. I just wanted to lie there.”