Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez Take a Picture Together for the First Time in a Year

Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez Take a Picture Together for the First Time in a Year
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The world is whole again!

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Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez have reunited! 

The chicas took a selfie together after not being photographed together since 2014. 

"Look at how #coolforthesummer we are.. Friends for years,#sameoldlove," Lovato captioned the photo. 

The two singers grew up together and were BFFs until falling out in 2010. 

"I've known her since we were 7, and we did fall apart for a while," Gomez said of Lovato (who sought treatment for an eating disorder and self-harm issues) told E! News. "She was going through things and I was so young and it was confusing. I processed it saying, 'OK, I don't understand what she's going through so I'm just going to do this.' I don't think it was fair, and I'm so happy that I have her back in my life now."

Gomez and Lovato rekindled their friendship early last year until the summer when Lovato unfollowed Selena on her social media platforms. 

"I think it's just one of those things where people change and people grow apart," she said when asked why she did it.

Recently, Lovato began following Gomez again and Gomez returned the gesture by tweeted at her to wish her a happy birthday. 

Lovato responded with her own tweet, "@selenagomez I'm so glad you were born too... :P #forever #nomatterwhat."

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Looks like their friendship is getting better than ever. 

Check out the silly selfie below: 


Look at how #coolforthesummer we are.. Friends for years, #sameoldlove

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