WATCH: This Poet's Reimagining of Drake's Dominican Grandmother is Hilarious

Ever wonder what Drake's Dominican grandmother would tell him if he was Latinx forreal? Poet Noel Quiñones has set that scenario for you perfectly.  

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In the piece "Abuela Disciplines Dominican Drake," Quiñones goes into full abuelita mode, and it'll make you beg for un bendicíon

"Que es esto? What is this about you starting from the bottom?" Quiñones's abuela impersonation demands, hands flailing in all-out Latina dramatics. "You know you started in my house, right? And you call my house the bottom?"

From airing out his family drama to complaining about how sensitive he is, Drake's Dominican Abuela goes off and wipes the floor with his sad boy ego. 

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See for yourself in the video above.