Eddie Cibrian & LeAnn Rimes Celebrate Second Wedding Anniversary

Eddie Cibrian and wife LeAnn Rimes celebrated their second wedding anniversary yesterday and it seemed to be a joyous day for both.

The country singer did not hold back her emotions about her special day with the Cuban-American actor, tweeting throughout the day about her anni to her followers.

"Love my hubby for the sweetest card and bring framed pics of last year's anniversary to TO.... Just beginning,” Rimes tweeted, accompanying a photo of two picture frames of the happy couple in front of a church, as well as a card that read “What Is Love” on its front.

Cibrian and Rimes met while filming Lifetime's Northern Lights in 2009 and fell in love on set – both were married at the time. In an interview earlier this year with Inside Edition, the country music star revealed that she does have insecurities about her relationship, as it would with anyone else.

“I think we've been very honest and open with that to each other, and our conversations about it have only made me understand how much he actually cares, as much as I do, about being faithful to each other,” she said.

Despite the hideous drama the couple has had with Cibrian’s ex-wife Brandi Glanville, it looks as though the couple is happier and stronger than ever.

“Beautiful anniversary, low key and lovely,” the country singer tweeted to her fans early this morning. “Thx for all your sweet well wishes.”