Eiza Gonzalez Fights Back Against Tabloid Rumors

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Eiza Gonzalez isn’t just rolling with the punches...she’s fighting back!

The Mexican actress, who has been linked to Aussie hunk Liam Hemsworth, called out Hollywood Life for allegedly twisting her words in a story about her relationship with the actor, according to Fox News Latino.

The “webloid” posted a story on Monday that took unrelated tweets by the actress and turned them into speculation that she is “desperate” for Hemsworth.

On her personal Twitter account, 23-year-old Gonzalez wrote, “I would die for love...It’s truly beautiful to feel live again when you’ve felt dead inside for long, when u lost all hope of happiness and love that hope returns.”

The tweet did not mention anyone, but Hollywood Life declared that Gonzalez’s words could “definitely be a message to Liam!” The tabloid also declared that the actress was “a bit desperate.”

In response, Gonzalez tweeted: “@HollywoodLife stop manipulating what I tweet...and BTW those are lyrics for a song I wrote I’m not talking bout ANYONE. Thanks.”

Although that tweet has since been deleted, Gonzalez later tweeted in Spanish: “Now I did laugh hard they are so BADLY informed.”

Gonzalez and Hemsworth were first linked together after they were spotted getting cozy in Las Vegas. The duo was last seen having a romantic weekend in New York City.

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