EXCLUSIVE: Cobra Starship Singer Gabe Saporta Gushes About His Girlfriend Erin Fetherston

A lot of our Latina readers are crushing on Cobra Starship frontman Gabe Saporta, and who can blame them? So when we caught up with the 32-year-old Uruguayan singer last week, we asked Gabe if there's someone special in his life. "Yeah, I have a girlfriend now," said the laid-back singer. "Her name is Erin Fetherston. She's a designer of really cute women's clothing that I would never wear," {Laughs}. 

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Gabe, who seemed totally smitten with Fetherston, told us how he met his girlfriend. "One of the guys in my band, his girlfriend used to work for {Erin}, and then one time we ended up at a party together and we were hanging out and it was just like totally random," recalled Gabe. "And then I ended up at a dinner with her, and she was talking about how she started her business and I just connected so much to that," he said.

We asked Gabe what made him fall for Erin. "I feel like girls that are in fashion are very similar to guys that are in music," he explained. "You have to have a good balance of being creative, but also have the business sense. I think that's what really made me for fall for her."

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